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Throughout the competition seasons our team has learned and developed new skills to rise to the challenges FIRST sets. We strive to improve, and with each season we will do so.



Menace is our tank. Menace runs on a H drive with mecanum wheels, and it's intake system intakes cubes with percision from any angle due to it being spring loaded. This robot has a linear slide that can stack about 5-6 cubes high. Menace can pick up two skystones in autonoumous, and preload itself, along with parking and moving the foundation. With a highly consistent autonomous, Menace is a force to be reckoned with.




This was a lightweight and robust robot with a tank drive using 2-motorized wheels in the back and 4-omni directional wheels up front. It collected and delivered cubes/balls using a custom 3D printed intake wheel, linear slide and hinged arm attachment. It was able to land/hang using a double gear rack and worm/helical gears for torque and to eliminate back slide. We had a 100% consistent Autonomous.




Danny was our rookie season robot. We used a robust tank drivetrain using 8 omni-directional wheels and two Tetrix nylon wheels.  We chained the middle nylon wheel to the front omni-directional wheel so that our robot was like a mini west coast drivetrain. We had custom 3D printed wheels to intake and stack cubes.

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