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Scratch Course For Kids


Is an online free coding tool for kids. Its simple format of coding consists of drag and drop blocks that can control a character, or 'sprite'. This easy to learn style of programming makes it a prime choice for beginner coders everywhere. Scratch is a highly flexible program, meaning you can shape the blocks to do many different things. From making music, to coding games, and even to creating a virtual background, Scratch is one of the best ways for a beginner to learn.


Our team understands that times are difficult right now. That's why we are hosting an online Scratch course to help kids continue to learn. Every good developer starts somewhere, and we want people who are new to coding to start with Scratch. More details to join our class below.


Our team will be hosting a 5 week course about the basics of Scratch. Kids will learn about the fundamentals, and advance to creating virtual programs, making music, and developing games, through the free and easy to learn coding tool, Scratch.


This course will be held every Monday at 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. starting on April 13, and ending on May 11. The course is completely free, a form will have to be filled out to register though. 

Click to RSVP below:

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Our course will be online, due to social distancing guidelines. We will give you the link to join the class once your RSVP has been approved. For now, you can download Scratch at this website.

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