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Sponsor Us

Looking to become a sponsor? There are more ways than one. 

Becoming a sponsor would help our team follow our passion. Thanks to all of our sponsors!

Would You Be Willing To Sponsor Us With A Monetary Donation?

Help us offset the cost of our team’s expenditures. Acquiring the motors, sensors, and electronics, as
well as accessing the tools needed continues to be a challenge. As junior high and high school students, we are unable to provide the money for all the items we need to purchase. We will recognize your contributions by adding your logo to our displays including: pit display at events, decals, t-shirts, multimedia presentation, website, social media, etc. Please see the chart for our sponsorship levels. Any
contribution would be greatly appreciated.

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Become A Fantom!

Show everyone that you are a true Fantom and help us cover our team expenses! Buy an exclusive fan shirt today. Youth and Adult sizes available. 

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